Chris Benner on Social Media

What is the nature of the relationship between social media and the internet?

Watch Professor Benner explain the (surprisingly long) history of what we call “social media” in this excerpt from the course Introduction to Global Information and Social Entrepreneurship (SOCY 30A).


Charles Hedrick on Ancient Dates

Do you, too, feel like time has no meaning and this year has been dragging on for eons (but also, it’s still March)?! 🗓🌪📆🌪🗓

Listen to Charles Hedrick explain ancient date notation systems in this lecture from the course HIS 60: Med/Sci Terminology:

Cid Pearlman: Moving Through Loneliness

In “Moving Through Loneliness” an intergenerational group of performers use movement and gesture to examine the isolation and loss we face as we get older. This film draws its material from an installation that was created for the exhibition “We’re Still Here,” at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. Moving Through Loneliness is a collaboration between Choreographer Cid Pearlman and Filmmaker Mara Milam, with an original sound score composed by Jonathan Segel of Camper Van Beethoven.

Directed and choreographed by Cid Pearlman, UCSC Lecturer in Dance — and also our new Instructional Designer!