Accessibility Corps

Accessibility Corps

Accessibility Corps is a flexible service that is designed to help you with making your courses more accessible for all of your students. This program pairs trained student employees with instructors who are interested in improving any aspect of their course(s) for accessibility. Accessibility Corps is a collaboration between Online Education and the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

You can learn more about the story of Accessibility Corps from this article.

Accessibility Corps provides the following services:

  • Caption creation/editing/review of your pre-recorded lasting materials — we’ll work with you to create captions, or to review/edit existing captions.

  • Review of material(s) for accessibility and document remediation — we’ll review individual course materials.

  • Review of existing courses for accessibility — we’ll holistically review your existing course(s) in Canvas for areas where accessibility can be enhanced.

  • Consultation for designing for accessibility — we’ll meet with you to discuss designing courses to make them maximally accessible.

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