ART 106-O — Introduction to Animation


Creator: Kristen Gillette

This project-centered studio course introduces 2D animation concepts, history, techniques and contemporary practices, production strategies, processes, and tools from a practical approach rooted in a historical/theoretical context. For each project, students will research artists working within relevant categories and/or topics of animation, presenting findings to assist in their creative process.

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Summer 2018


Students said about the course:

“This course was so well-organized and overall a thorough and impactful course. Every assignment, lecture, and supplementary material brought into this course was well-planned and effective. I personally got so much out of this course including the ability to
use Adobe software and the basics of both the history of animation and how to create animations. Kristen Gillette did a wonderful job organizing this and managed to give a fantastic introduction to animation.”