ART 80T — Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice


Creator: Kristen Gillette

This course serves as an introduction to the digital tools and media available to contemporary art practices. Students explore tools from a historical and theoretical context, and from a technical perspective through hands-on tutorials. A variety of artworks that use digital mediums are also examined. Course material covers photo and vector editors, sound and video editing, basic 3D modeling, and images and interactions generated by code. Students should have basic computer literacy.

General Education code(s): PE-T

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Spring 2017


Students said about the course:

“The videos were very helpful and clear. I’m glad that this course is an online course because having video lectures that can be rewatched again and again helped me with learning how to use the tools in the Adobe programs.”

“The online lectures, videos, and assignments are super clear and effective, I feel like I am learning so much and that it’s a good use of my time.”