BIOE 109 — Evolution

Creator: Maya Friedman

This course examines the history and mechanisms of evolutionary change. Topics include molecular evolution, natural and sexual selection, adaptation, speciation, biogeography, and macroevolution.

Prerequisites: Satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements; BIOL 20A, BIOE 20B, BIOE 20C, and BIOL 105.

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Summer 2017


Students said about the course:

“Dr Friedman’s video lectures were very easy to follow, and she was able to take a LOT of content and break it down into digestible amounts of work and lectures, and her attentiveness and dedication to helping and answering students’ questions shows her
compassion and strengths as an educator. Overall, Dr. Friedman was an excellent instructor.”

“I literally have one class after this until I graduate so I have seen it all. I have had online classes and classes where you are required to attend. I don’t think I’ve ever had a better professor than Maya… I have taken classes at other universities and even community colleges. Maya is as outstanding as they come. I definitely wasn’t interested in evolution (sorry!) prior to this class. SHE MADE IT RELEVANT. I’m excited to read the science section now. I look outside at nature and organisms differently. I GET IT. I can’t thank her enough for having such an incredible impact on my desire to learn. Not only does she do powerpoints, but the “learning glass” where she turns around and walks through examples with you is a tremendous help to allowing us to understand. I am truly impressed.”