BIOE 125 — Ecosystems of California

Creator: Erika Zavaleta

This course presents a survey of the diversity, structure, and functioning of California’s ecosystems through time and the ways they have influenced and responded to human activities and stewardship. Topics include: ecosystem drivers such as climate, soils, and land-use history; human and ecological prehistory; comparative marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystem dynamics; and managed ecosystems such as range, fisheries, and agriculture.

General Education code(s): PE-E

Prerequisites: Course 20C. Enrollment is restricted to ecology and evolution, marine biology, plant sciences, and biology B.A. majors. Prerequisites waived for non-UCSC students.

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Winter 2016


Students said about the course:

“I feel like the lecture videos were well thought out and very detailed. Learned a lot from the field trips, they were a nice way to see physical places beyond the classroom.”