Are you ready for The Big One?
Make sure you check out Susan Schwartz’s course Earthquakes (EART 11)!

This online course is being offered this Spring, and is open to students from all UC campuses.

Peter Weiss-Penzias on Methylmercury in Fog

This week’s featured video:

How did dangerous methylmercury make its way into Santa Cruz mountain lions? Watch Dr. Peter Weiss-Penzias explain his research on how mercury travels from the atmosphere into and up the food chain. What does it mean for us who live in, and eat the food grown in, foggy coastal areas? Learn more about (and help) Peter’s research:

Grant Hartzog on Disease Transmission

This week’s featured video:

Are you worried about the coronavirus epidemic? While we’re keeping our fingers crossed for the development of a vaccine, watch Grant Hartzog tell this fascinating — and sad — story about a 19th-century Viennese doctor and his fight against deadly germs (spoiler: wash your hands!).
This is a clip from the course Studies in Medicine: Its Art, History, Science, and Philosophy (BIOL 88) that Professor Hartzog developed together with Gregory Gates, MD.