Course Design Faculty Fellows Summer 2020

Online Education and the Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning jointly seek faculty members who are interested in supporting their colleagues this summer to prepare courses for remote instruction in fall 2020 and beyond. The Course Design Faculty Fellows will work with faculty and instructional staff to support the redesign of remote courses and the development of fully online courses to be offered in the 2020-21 academic year.

We seek approximately ten instructors with remote instruction experience, either through hybrid, fully online, or remote instruction courses this spring or in the past, who are eager to support their colleagues throughout the design and development process. Course Design Faculty Fellows will be provided $4,000 in summer compensation for approximately six weeks of part-time work (1). All instructional faculty are eligible to apply.

All UC Santa Cruz instructors have been invited to take the new course on designing and developing online and remote courses. Additionally, forty instructors, whose proposals for fully online courses were awarded through an open call, will go through the course in four cohorts of roughly ten. The Course Design Faculty Fellows will support instructors going through the course, either in cohorts or at their own pace. The Course Design Faculty Fellows will be supported by instructional staff who will orient them to the course and model the design and development process for them.

Course Design Faculty Fellows can expect to engage in the following activities: lead cohorts of faculty through the ICD-RI course (each cohort has two 90-minute meetings per week for a three-week period), meet individually with faculty in a consultation setting (2 to 3 hours per week), respond to email questions, and provide feedback on course materials both for those in cohorts and those working independently.

Application Guidelines: In no more than one page, describe your experience with remote instruction and explain your interest in being a Course Design Faculty Fellow this summer.

Applications are due by noon on Friday, June 5. Submit to

(1) Summer compensation is subject to a three month limit from all sources during the summer.