EART 3 — Geology of National Parks

Creator: Susan Schwartz

This course explores geologic concepts and processes responsible for shaping our national parks, including mountain building, volcanic and earthquake activity, sedimentation, weathering, erosion, and glaciation, and seeks to offer an understanding of how geology impacts our lives. It is appropriate for both science and non-science majors who wish to enhance their knowledge, enjoyment, and appreciation of our national parks.

General Education code(s): SI

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Winter 2016


Students said about the course:

“The instructor’s enthusiasm for the subject inspired me to go out and explore the national parks discussed in the course and was cause for reflection on parks I had previously visited.”

“Very educational, it was focused on actual geologic processes that shape the real world instead of very theoretical arbitrary information like in most classes. Instructor had a very easy and organized class with the point of every video lecture being clearly
outlined and I felt like I learned what I was supposed to at the end of every video.”