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ANTH 100* — History and Theory of Biological Anthropology (Jay Reti) TA
ANTH 103* — Forensic Anthropology (hybrid) (Alison Galloway)
ANTH 103I* — Forensic Anthropology (Alison Galloway)
ANTH 110I* — Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice (Nancy Chen, David Shaw) PE-E
ANTH 110Y* — Feeding California (Melissa L. Caldwell) PE-H
ANTH 130I — Cultures of India (Annapurna Pandey) ER
ANTH 176A — North American Archaeology (Judith Habicht Mauche)
ART 10E — 3D Foundations in Art (Kathleen Perry) IM
ART 20L* — Introduction to Drawing (Grant Whipple) PR-C
ART 80E* — Environmental Art in the Expanded Field (Elizabeth Stephens) PE-E
ART 80T — Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice (Kristen Gillette) PE-T
ART 106O* — Introduction to Animation (Kristen Gillette) PR-C
ART 153 — Still to Moving: Topics in Cinematography for Artists (Yolande Harris)
ARTG 91 — Introduction to Game Art Production (Kristen Gillette)
ARTG 131* — 3D Game Art Production (Marcelo Viana Neto)
ARTG 132 — 3D Character Rigging and Animation for Video Games (Ed Gregor) PR-C
BIOE 107 — Ecology (Max Tarjan)
BIOE 109 — Evolution (Maya Friedman)
BIOE 125* — Ecosystems of California (Erika Zavaleta) PE-E
BIOE 140 — Behavioral Ecology (Barry Sinervo)
BIOE 142L — Animal Behavior in the Wild (Suzanne Alonzo)
BIOL 88* — Studies in Medicine: Its Art, History, Science, and Philosophy (Grant Hartzog, Gregory Gates) SI
BIOL 101L — Molecular Biology Laboratory (Jimmy Shanks)
BME 51B — Applied Electronics for Bioengineers (Kevin Karplus)
BME 80G — Bioethics in the 21st Century: Science, Business, and Society (Sandra Dreisbach) PE-T
CHEM 1A — General Chemistry (Alegra Eroy-Reveles) SI
CHEM 1C — General Chemistry (Peter Weiss)
CHIN 1 — Chinese 1 (Jing Wu)
CHIN 2 — Chinese 2 (Jing Wu)
CMMU 165* — Community Analysis for Global Health (Mary Beth Pudup, Andrea Steiner)
COWL 52* — Personal Finance and Investing (Patricia Kelly)
CRES 70S — Introduction to Sikhs (Nirvikar Singh)
CRSN 15A* — STEM Essentials (Stella Hein, Ronnie Lipschutz)
CRWN 98* — Podcasting and Digital Storytelling (Nada Miljkovic) PR-C
CRWN 185 — Career and Internship Preparation (Christina Hall)
CSE 107* — Probability and Statistics for Engineers (hybrid) (J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves) SR

EART 3* — Geology of National Parks (Susan Schwartz) SI
EART 11* — Earthquakes (Susan Schwartz, Thomas Göbel) MF
EART 30 — Water in the Environment (Margaret Zimmer)
EART 110A — Evolution of the Earth (Terry Blackburn, Paul Koch)
ECE 121 — Microprocessor System Design (Max Dunne)
ECE 163 — Introduction to Mechatronics (Gabriel Elkaim)
ECON 1 — Principles of Microeconomics (Julie Gonzalez) PE-H
ECON 2 — Introductory Macroeconomics (Ajay Shenoy) PE-H
ECON 10A — Economics of Accounting (Kevin Jones)
ECON 10B* — Economics of Accounting II (Kevin Jones)

ECON 100A — Intermediate Microeoconomics (Kristian López Vargas, Natalia Lazzati)
ECON 133 — Security Markets and Financial Institutions (Kai Pommerenke)
ECON 161A — Marketing (Stephen Owen)
ENVS 25 — Environmental Policy and Economics (Sikina Jinnah) PE-E
ENVS 65* — Introduction to Fresh Water: Processes and Policy (Brent Haddad)
ENVS 125* — Ecosystems of California (Erika Zavaleta) PE-E
ENVS 130A — Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture (Katie Monsen)
ENVS 144 — Global Climate Change Politics (Sikina Jinnah)
FILM 20A — Introduction to Film Studies (Alessia Cecchet)
FILM 20P — Introduction to Production Technique and Theory PR-C
FILM 80V — Video Games as Visual Culture (Soraya Murray) PE-T
FILM 120 — Introduction to Media Theory (Irene Gustafson)
FILM 132B — International Cinema 1960-present (Peter Limbrick) CC
FILM 136D — Documentary Film and Video (Daryl Jones) IM
FILM 165B — Race on Screen (Yiman Wang) ER
FILM 170A — Supporting Online Learning of Coding in the Arts (Warren Sack, Abram Stern) PR-C
FILM 171C — Found Footage Filmmaking (Irene Lusztig)
FILM 194H — Ethics and Documentary Filmmaking (Daryl Jones)
HAVC 30 — European Art and Architecture (Allan Langdale) IM

HAVC 70 — Visual Cultures of the Pacific Islands (Marion Cadora) CC
HAVC 118 — Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora (Axelle Toussaint) ER
HAVC 127F — Perpetually Foreign Americans: Asian American Art and Visual Culture 1850 to the Present (Michelle Ye) ER
HAVC 141C — Modern Art: Pop to Present (Derek Murray) IM
HAVC 142 — Contemporary Art and Ecology (Chessa Adsit-Morris) PE-E
HAVC 142M — Museum Exhibitions (Elisabeth Cameron) PR-E
HAVC 143D — Architecture and the City in Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture (Leslie Lodwick) IM
HAVC 144A — Latin American Art and Visual Culture (Tatiane Santa Rosa) ER
HAVC 186I — Indigenous Art and Activism (Amber Hickey) ER
HAVC 191B — The Virgin of Guadalupe: Images and Symbolism in Spain, Mexico, and the U.S. (Tara Field)
HIS 15* — The United States of America From Its Founding Through Our Time (Matthew Lasar) ER
HIS 40A — Introduction to Early Modern East Asia (Minghui Hu) CC

HIS 59 — History of the English Language (Charles Hedrick) SR
HIS 60* — Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the European Scientific Tradition (Charles Hedrick) PR-E
HIS 71 — The Holocaust: Destruction of European Jewry (Peter Kenez, Murray Baumgarten)
HIS 80C — Global China (Shelley Chan) PR-E
HIS 100 — Historical Skills and Methods (Matt O’Hara, Catherine Jones)
HIS 101D* — World History of Science (Minghui Hu) SI
HIS 101F — Global Environmental History (Minghui Hu) PE-E
HIS 150E — History and Memory in the Okinawan Islands (Alan Christy) IM
LALS 75 — Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego Rivera (Greg Landau) IM
LALS 79 — Hip Hop History (Lily Balloffet) TA
LALS 79S — Historia Hip Hop (Lily Balloffet) TA
LALS 80Q — Musica Latina: Music of Latin America and the Caribbean (Greg Landau)
LALS 90 — Contemporary Brazil (Patricia Piñho) ER
LGST 116* — Comparative Law (Jacqueline Gehring) CC
LGST 160B — International Law (Mark Massoud)
LING 50 — Intro to Linguistics (Adrian Brasoveanu, Jess Law) SI
LING 80K — Invented Languages (Pranav Anand) TA
LIT 61U* — Introduction to SF (Zac Zimmer) PE-T

LIT 80Y — Harry Potter (Renee Fox) IM
LIT 81B — Engineering California (Zac Zimmer)
MATH 19A* — Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (Frank Bäuerle, Tony Tromba) MF
MATH 19B* — Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (Frank Bäuerle, Tony Tromba) MF
MATH 23A — Vector Calculus (Frank Bäuerle, Tony Tromba) MF
MATH 23B — Vector Calculus (Frank Bäuerle, Tony Tromba) MF
METX 119 — Microbiology (Karen Ottemann)
MUSC 13 — Beginning Theory and Musicianship I (Faith Lanam)
MUSC 14 — Beginning Theory and Musicianship II (Faith Lanam)

MUSC 80C — The History, Literature, and Technology of Electronic Music (Madison Heying) PE-T
MUSC 80P* — Popular Music in the United States (Ben Leeds Carson) ER
OCEA 90 — Fundamentals of Climate (Claudie Beaulieu) SR

PHIL 9 — Introduction to Logic (John Bowin) MF
PHIL 11* — Introduction to Philosophy (David Donley) TA
PHIL 23 — Philosophy of Cognitive Science (Nico Orlandi)
PHIL 80M — Science and Society (Robbie Kubala) PE-T

PHYS 6A — Introductory Physics I (Onnutom Narayan, Joshua Deutsch) MF
POLI 116* — Comparative Law (Jacqueline Gehring) CC
POLI 140A — European Politics (Eleanora Pasotti)
POLI 160B — International Law (Mark Massoud)
PSYC 112 — Moral Development (Audun Dahl)
SCIC 200 — Introduction to Science Communication (Erika Check Hayden)
SOCY 136* — Social Psychology (Megan McNamara)
SOCY 30A — Introduction To Global Information And Social Entrepreneurship  Studies (Chris Benner) PE-T
SOCY 173X — Water and Sanitation Justice (Ben Crow, Isha Ray) PE-E
STEV 27 — Service Learning (Geoff Childers) PR-S
THEA 10 — Introduction to Design (David Cuthbert) IM
THEA 61A — Ancient and Medieval Theatre History (Michael Chemers) TA
THEA 80C — Monsters in the Dramatic Imagination (Michael Chemers)

THEA 80N — Walt Disney (Kinan Valdez, Kirsten Brandt) IM
THEA 80U — Everybody Dance Now! (Cid Pearlman) ER
WRIT 1 — Introduction to Composition (Michele Bigley)
WRIT 1 — Introduction to Composition (Heather Shearer)
WRIT 1 — Introduction to Composition (Brenda Sanfilippo)
WRIT 2* — Rhetoric & Bullshit (Anthony Breakspear) C
WRIT 2-2 — Writing in the Digital Ecosystem (Philip Longo) C
WRIT 2-3 — Rhetoric & Inquiry (Terry Terhaar) C
WRIT 2-4 — Writing for Action (Tina Osborne) C
WRIT 2-5 — Rhetoric and Inquiry (Michele Bigley) C
WRIT 25 — Writing About Place (Michele Bigley)

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