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Cross-Cultural Analysis (CC):

  • International Cinema 1960-present (FILM 132B)
  •  Introduction to Early Modern East Asia (HIS 40A)
  • Visual Cultures of the Pacific Islands (HAVC 70)
  • Comparative Law (LGST 116 / POLI 116)

Ethnicity and Race (ER):

  • Cutures of India (ANTH 130I)
  • Race on Screen (FILM 165B)
  • Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora (HAVC 118)
  • The Politics of Exclusion: Asian American Visual Culture (HAVC 127F)
  • Latin American Art and Visual Culture (HAVC 144A)
  • Indigenous Art and Activism (HAVC 186I)
  • USA from Its Founding through Our Time (HIS 15)
  • The Holocaust: Destruction of European Jewry (HIS 71)
  • Contemporary Brazil (LALS 90)
  • Popular Music in the United States (MUSC 80P)
  • Everybody Dance Now! (THEA 80U)

Interpreting Arts and Media (IM):

  • 3D Foundations in Art (ART 10E)
  • Documentary Film and Video (FILM 136D)
  • European Art and Architecture (HAVC 30)
  • Modern Art: Pop to Present (HAVC 141C)
  • Architecture and the City in Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture (HAVC 143D)
  • Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego Rivera (LALS 75)
  • Harry Potter (LIT 80Y)
  • Introduction to Design (THEA 10)
  • Walt Disney (THEA 80N)

Mathematical and Formal Reasoning (MF):

Scientific Inquiry (SI):

  • Studies in Medicine: Its Art, History, Science, and Philosophy (BIOL 88)
  • General Chemistry (CHEM 1A)
  • Geology of National Parks (EART 3)
  • Topics in the World History of Science (HIS 101D)
  • Intro to Linguistics (LING 50)

Statistical Reasoning (SR):

  • Probability and Statistics for Engineers (CSE 107)
  • History of the English Language (HIS 59)
  • Fundamentals of Climate (OCEA 90)

Textual Analysis and Interpretation (TA):

  • History and Theory of Biological Anthropology (ANTH 100)
  • Hip Hop History / Historia Hip Hop (LALS 79 / LALS 79S)
  • Invented Languages (LING 80K)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 11)
  • Ancient and Medieval Theatre History (THEA 61A)


Environmental Awareness (PE-E):

  • Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice (ANTH 110I)
  • Environmental Art in the Expanded Field (ART 80E)
  • Environmental Policy and Economics (ENVS 25)
  • Ecosystems of California (BIOE 125 / ENVS 125)
  • Fresh Water: Processes and Policy (ENVS 65)
  • Contemporary Art and Ecology (HAVC 142)
  • Global Environmental History (HIS 101F)
  • Water and Sanitation Justice (SOCY 173X)

Human Behavior (PE-H):

  • Feeding California (ANTH 110Y)
  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 1)
  • Introductory Macroeconomics (ECON 2)
  • Social Psychology (SOCY 136)

Technology and Society (PE-T):

  • Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice (ART 80T)
  • Video Games as Visual Culture (FILM 80V)
  • Introduction to Speculative Fiction (LIT 61U)
  • The History, Literature, and Technology of Electronic Music (MUSC 80C)
  • Science and Society (PHIL 80M)
  • Introduction To Global Information And Social Entrepreneurship  Studies (SOCY 30A)


Collaborative Endeavor (PR-E):

  • Medical and Scientific Terminology (HIS 60)
  • Global China (HIS 80C)
  • Museum Exhibitions (HAVC 142M)

Creative Process (PR-C):

  • Introduction to Drawing (ART 20L)
  • Introduction to Animation (ART 106O)
  • Introduction to Game Art Production (ARTG 91)
  • 3D Character Rigging and Animation for Video Games (ARTG 132)
  • Podcasting and Digital Storytelling (CRWN 98)
  • Introduction to Production Technique and Theory (FILM 20P)
  • Fundamentals of Digital Media Production (FILM 170A)

Service Learning (PR-S):

Composition (C):

  • Rhetoric and Bullshit (WRIT 2)
  • Writing in the Digital Ecosystem (WRIT 2)
  • Rhetoric & Inquiry (WRIT 2)
  • Writing for Action (WRIT 2)
  • Rhetoric and Inquiry (WRIT 2)