LIT 61U — Introduction to SF


Creator: Zac Zimmer

This course relies on close reading of speculative and science fiction texts (short stories, novels, and films) with the aim of developing critical methods for the analysis and interpretation of SF as a critique of science, technology, and culture. It explores themes like encounters across species; novelty and change; expanded concepts of life; and the role of technology in human development.

General Education code(s): PE-T

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Summer 2017


Students said about the course:

“Prof. Zimmer is quick to address problems and answer questions regarding the subject matter in a way that does not discourage the student away from this field of literature. He is a professor who is not only passionate about his work and students, but also a wonderful example of how science fiction and literature as a whole is a study that is beneficial to any student, no matter their major or career choice.”

“The books and shows picked were really cool and I enjoyed reading all the material. A lot of the pods spun aspects of the book in ways I wouldn’t have thought of, like the Biblical background for Lilith’s Brood. This class definitely made me think of SF more critically and see how each work is a representation of its time, not a prediction of the future.”