MATH 19A — Calculus for Science, Math, Engineering


Creators: Tony Tromba & Frank Bauerle

The course explores the following concepts: limit of a function, calculating limits, continuity, tangents, velocities, and other instantaneous rates of change; derivatives, the chain rule, implicit differentiation, higher derivatives; exponential functions, inverse functions, and their derivatives; the mean value theorem, monotonic functions, concavity, and points of inflection; and applied maximum and minimum problems. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and MATH 11A or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 11A and 15A, or ECON 11A.

General Education code(s): MF

Prerequisites: course 3 or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 3; or mathematics placement (MP) score of 400 or higher; or AP Calculus AB exam score of 3 or higher

Type of course and Credit: Online, 5 units

Course first offered: Spring 2013


Students said about the course:

“This class that Professor Bauerle has constructed is the pinnacle of education. This is the only math class I’ve ever taken where I truly felt that I could go at my own pace.
I really sucked at math in high school and was really hesitant coming into the 19A/B series but have left the series with a stronger foundation then I thought I would ever have.”