Course Readiness Checks

Online Education can, on request, perform a full Canvas course readiness check to ensure that all critical components of your course are in place and that your materials are fully accessible. To request a course readiness check, please email us at, and include your course’s Canvas link.

Accessibility Services: Caption Review and Document Remediation

Our Accessibility Corps is available to assist faculty with tasks associated with making course materials accessible:

  • Captioning media assistance with caption creation/editing/review for your pre-recorded materials (provided they will be used again)

  • Reviewing/remediating material(s) for accessibility expert remediation to make PDFs screen-readable

  • Reviewing courses for overall accessibility an expert will review your course site and offer suggestions for enhanced accessibility

The brief Accessibility Corps request form is available here.

General Support on Standby

Our Slack Channel enables you to get your questions answered with a short turnaround time (often on the spot) by one of our team of instructional designers and technical support staff. Online Education staff monitor Slack continuously during weekdays. The Online Ed Slack community is supportive and lively, with instructors and support staff alike sharing ideas and solutions. If you’ve never been on Slack before and are hesitant to adopt yet another platform, rest assured that it is remarkably intuitive and easy to use in fact, some of our faculty now set up individual Slack sites to facilitate communication in their own classes!

Finally, our general email inbox, is a great way to reach out if you need help figuring out how to get a more complex question answered. This inbox is monitored during business hours; you’ll generally get a response to your question within a few hours. Email us anytime if we don’t have the answer, we’ll connect you with someone who does.