Awarded Instructors


    • Lily Pearl Balloffet — Hip Hop History / Historia Hip Hop (LALS 79) [Campus]
    • Roxanne Beltran — Biology of Large Marine Vertebrates [Campus]
    • Alessia Cecchet — Introduction to Film Studies (FILM 20A) [Campus]
    • Yulia Gilichinskaya — Introduction to Production Technique and Theory (FILM 20P) [Campus]
    • Laura Giuliano, Brenda Samaniego de la Parra, Alan Spearot — Introduction to Econometrics (ECON 113) [Campus]
    • Sikina Jinnah — Environmental Policy and Economics (ENVS 25) [Campus]
    • Natalia Lazzati, Kristian López Vargas, Alan Spearot — Intermediate Microeconomics (ECON 100A) [Campus]
    • Philip Longo — Writing in the Digital Ecosystem (WRIT 2) [Campus]
    • Megan McNamara — Social Psychology (SOCU 136) [Campus]
    • Nada Miljković — Podcasting and Digital Storytelling (CRWN 98) [Campus]
    • Soraya Murray — Video Games as Visual Culture (FILM 80V) [Campus]
    • Steve Owen — Marketing (ECON 161A) [Campus]
    • Warren Sack — Supporting Online Learning of Coding in the Arts (FILM 170A) [Campus]
    • (Kresge College) — Designing and Directing Your Educational Journey [Campus]








There are a number of other online courses developed and offered at UC Santa Cruz. This list only includes courses and instructors who received an award to develop their course. For a comprehensive and searchable list of online courses at UCSC, please consult