Campus Coursera Call

Request for Proposals: UCSC Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered through Coursera

RFP Overview

Faculty are invited to submit proposals to develop Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to be offered through the campus partnership with Coursera. This prestigious opportunity allows faculty to represent the campus on a global scale, inspiring learners to think critically, to innovate, and to engage intellectually with their peers.

MOOCs are non-credit-bearing courses offered fully online and at no or low cost to an unlimited number of participants. They are often much shorter in duration, just one to two hours of pre-recorded video per week, and four to five weeks in duration. This format gives faculty the opportunity to think creatively about their curriculum and to teach subjects in new and exciting ways. Sequences of short courses focused on related topics are particularly in demand from MOOC participants, and faculty may want to consider developing a course that could eventually be incorporated as a part of a series. Because MOOCs are designed to use peer review and computer graded quizzes for assessments, faculty participation during the offering of MOOCs is optional.


    • Awarded faculty will receive one course release, extensive collaboration with the instructional design team, and access to campus facilities to develop the course
    • Competition among UC Santa Cruz faculty (open to all faculty who teach)
    • Interested faculty are invited to write a letter of interest (one or two pages) addressing the topic of their proposed MOOC, as well as a brief explanation of the MOOC’s potential benefits to the campus, the public, or as an educational resource
    • MOOC proposals that will generate course videos and other materials that can be used in other formats (such as in credit-bearing hybrid courses) are encouraged, as are proposals for courses that could be incorporated as part of a series of future MOOCs
    • Funding is limited, and interested faculty are encouraged to apply early as the RFP will close when funds are exhausted

Letter of Interest

Faculty interested in proposing a MOOC are required to write a brief (one- or two-page) letter of interest addressing the topic of their proposed MOOC, as well as a brief explanation of the MOOC’s potential benefits to the campus, the public, or as an educational resource.

Due Dates

There are no hard deadlines. Interested faculty should contact Michael Tassio ( for support in drafting a letter of interest. Submit letters of interest to UCSC Online Education at

Assessment of Proposals

A committee of faculty and instructional staff will assess proposals according to the following criteria:

    • The potential for the MOOC to enhance the reputation of UC Santa Cruz as a research institution that fosters a culture of excellence, inquiry, creativity, diversity, and public service
    • The potential for the MOOC to provide a meaningful learning experience
    • The potential for the MOOC to enhance on-campus education

Questions or Consultation

If you are interested in submitting a letter of interest but would like more information about Coursera, intellectual property, revenue sharing, or the proposal process and timeline, please contact Michael Tassio at or 831-459-1346.