What is Canvas?

Canvas is a space for course materials, communication, assignments and activities. Canvas is used for courses that meet in person, remotely, and online.

What is Canvas good for?

Canvas puts everything in one place for your students (and you). It gives students a way to engage with the course and one another at any time or place. It’s a convenient method for students to submit work. It lets you provide timely and private feedback. It lets you incorporate other “things,” like electronic textbooks. It gives you helpful ways to see student activity.

If you are teaching online or remotely, Canvas is the best centralized place to place all content related to your course — digital texts, videos, assignments, etc.

If you are teaching in person, it is still useful for you to set up a Canvas course. Add your syllabus, or any digital materials you may have. Even if students are not turning in digital assignments to Canvas, you can still use the Canvas Gradebook.


Enroll in Self-Paced Canvas Basics Course

Let’s Get This Canvas Started: New to working in Canvas, or just need a place to practice some basic skills? Online Education offers a self-paced, asynchronous, Canvas Basics course called Let's Get This Canvas Started. You can use Let's Get This Canvas Started as reference guide or take it as a course, completing the homework assignments at the end of each Module. A Canvas expert will give you feedback on your submissions. Get started by joining the ongoing course in Canvas. You can also access the course instructions outside of Canvas in the Let’s Get This Canvas Started Google doc.


UCSC Support:

Instructure Canvas Support: Click the icon on the left hand vertical menu in Canvas. Click on “Chat with Canvas Support (Faculty)” or call by phone.

Note: They cannot help with external tools such as Zoom or YuJa.