Flipgrid logo of a + symbol in front of overlapping colors

What is Flipgrid?

It’s a video discussion platform that uses the conventions of social media (filters, gifs, emojis, and stamps) for engagement and community building. It’s easy to use and can be embedded in Canvas.

What is Flipgrid good for?

Flipgrid is good for getting to know people. It’s good for informal discussion and enlivening a Canvas course.

Why teach with Flipgrid?


Getting started with Flipgrid

Detailed instructions

Simple instructions

  • You can add Flipgrid in a way that’s pretty seamless for students.

  • It’s simple embedding:

    • Go to the Flipgrid discussion or your list of discussions

    • Click share, the embed button, copy embed code

  • Make a page in Canvas, open up the editor.

    • Click on the kebab (the three vertical dots), then the cloud, then paste the code and save.

  • It’s not really integrated in Canvas, but it will appear that way for students.

  • Make sure that when you’re setting the discussion up, go to “permissions,” and share the discussion with “student email,” and then put @ucsc.edu in the little field that appears.

  • We don’t have a campus license yet, so the only way to add it to a course is embedding — which is pretty good, but there’s no Speedgrader integration.

Gif that instructs how to embed a Flipgrid onto a Canvas page


For help using Flipgrid: online@ucsc.edu