Teaching with a Tablet

and stylus

WHY teach with a tablet?

  • Pro quality class notes & videos

  • Grade papers without paper!

  • No document camera or whiteboard

  • Store all notes in one place

  • Switch between apps

  • Add personality and FUN to your notes!

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Rocket coming out of a smart phone vector art

Getting Started

  1. Choose Your Device & Stylus

      • iPad & Apple Pencil

      • Windows Surface

      • Android tablet

      • Wacom tablet

  2. Download Annotating App

      • Apple: Notability, GoodNotes, KeyNote

      • Windows/Android: GoodNotes, Powerpoint

iPad & Apple Pencil

Recommended software


Tablet notability annotate PDF.gif

Import & annotate PDFs


Edit & Annotate Slides

Windows Surface & Stylus

Present and annotate in GoodNotes, Powerpoint, or other presentation software

Demo videos coming soon

Setup, features, & Tips

Join Zoom in 3 Simple Steps!

Below is the most universal way to share your tablet screen (iPad or Windows Surface). The delays are minimal and connection is as solid as your WiFi.

*Please note this method is not supported by eduroam and will therefore not work on campus. If you are connected through eduroam, try one of the other methods described in this section.

1. Open Zoom app, Share Screen

2. Enter meeting ID

3. Start Broadcast

Await the countdown

Tap anywhere to remove window

Screen is shared

Stop Broadcast to end share

Zoom participants can see your full tablet view. The microphone and video are automatically OFF.

Navigate to any app Notability, GoodNotes, or Keynote.

Workshops, Consultation, & Support

Workshops & demos are available by request.

Reach out to Online Education online@ucsc.edu

These icons? Oh, we got them from Streamline.