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What is Zoom?

Zoom is a flexible video-conferencing platform that can be used for virtual classes and meetings.

What is Zoom good for?

Zoom gives you a way to communicate with your students when you’re not in the same physical space. It allows you to do much of what you would normally do in a classroom: display slides, assign students to breakout rooms, etc. It also has features like polls, chat, recording, and live transcription.

Below are key resources to help you with the technical skills needed to use Zoom for your remote teaching.



Zoom Consultation & Support

  • Online Education offers Zoom consultation by appointment: online@ucsc.edu

  • For information about webinars or classes with more than 300 people: help@ucsc.edu

Zoom Instructor Pairing Program (Zoom Corps):

If you would like Zoom practice sessions or in-class meeting moderation, you may request to be paired with a student worker who will provide this service for the full quarter. To request, email help@ucsc.edu with the subject line “Zoom pairing.”

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